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4.1% ABV
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5 litres (8.8 pints) of pub-quality, ready to drink Shaka (4.1% ABV) - perfect for home enjoyment.

Our Mini Kegs feature a vent and built-in tap for pouring, and can be stored 4-12 degrees. So, if you prefer your beer cold, serve straight from the fridge.

How to enjoy: Simple step-by-step instructions for venting and dispense are printed on the keg. Once opened, we recommend the beer is consumed within 48 hours for optimum quality. Close vent when not being used. Best before date will range from 10 days to 2 weeks when it’s delivered. 

Contains malted barley and wheat. Please drink responsibly.

A new brew's up, dudes!

We've a very limited amount of Shaka available in 5L mini kegs available. At 4.1% ABV, this super-swell sunkissed blonde beer is brewed with American hops, creating delicious tropical flavours and aromas. Get yours now before they're all gone....

4.1% ABV

Please note: for beer quality purposes, orders for mini kegs placed after 1.30pm on a Thursday are unlikely to dispatched until the following Monday. 

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