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  • SJ Adams & Sons

    SJ Adams & Sons

    Worcestershire based hop grower S J Adams & Son were the overall winner of the British Hop Awards for 2014. Their champion hop was a sample of Goldings, chosen for its rounded complexity encompassing delicate floral and citrus overtones with slightly spicy and earthy notes in the background.


    Fuggles, Goldings, WGV, Jester.

  • MH & L Andrews

    MH & L Andrews

    The Andrews family has been growing hops in beautiful Herefordshire for over three decades.

    Mark is a multi-award winning hop grower. The flavour and quality of his hops have received international accolades and have been selected to brew some of Britain’s finest craft ales. He has played a key part trialling new hop breeds that will guarantee Britain's position at the forefront of the worldwide hop market.


    Challenger, Cascade, Jester, Olicana, Harlequin, Mystic, Phoenix, Sovereign, Godiva.

  • RM, RC & A Capper

    RM, RC & A Capper

    Stocks Farm is a 200 year old Hop and Fruit farm on the glorious Herefordshire/Worcestershire border. It has been farmed by the Capper family since 1962, and is proud to be growing quality British Hops and Apples in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


    Goldings, Pilgrim, Endeavour, Target, Jester, Olicana, Phoenix, Harlequin.

  • Hawkins Farming

    Hawkins Farming

    The Hawkins family have been growing & selling high-quality hops for decades and have them in their blood. They grow a range of varieties, some traditional like Goldings through to their latest projects; Jester, Olicana & Harlequin with their citrus flavours.  They have many trial plots on the farms, testing and developing new and exciting future varieties as part of the Charles Faram breeding programme.


    Goldings, Progress, Sovereign, Jester, Olicana, Pilgrim, Flyer.

  • Brook House Hops

    Brook House Hops

    The explosive rise of craft brewing has revolutionised the British beer industry, with more quality and diversity on offer than ever before. Brook House Hops are meticulous about the quality of their hops, using a mixture of the latest technology and traditional farming expertise to grow some of the most aromatic, verdant hops in the world.


    Fuggles, Challenger, Progress, Cascade, Chinook, Pilgrim.

  • ER Lane & Sons

    ER Lane & Sons



  • EL Lewis & Son

    EL Lewis & Son



  • R Morris

    R Morris



  • SJ Parker

    SJ Parker

    Instone Court is a family farm on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border. Sidney Parker bought the farm in 1919 and later established S. J. Parker and Son which is still trading today under the careful hands of his grandson Simon Parker and his wife Elaine.

    As a traditional Herefordshire farm they grow hops (their passion), cider fruit and Bramleys along with more unusual cobnuts and soft fruit. Simon has inherited the Parker love for hops. As chairman of the British Hop Association and director of Hawkbrand Hops Ltd, Simon has a passion for developing new hops for exciting flavours.


    Goldings, Instone, Jester, CF169 (Mozart), CF182 (Opus), Progress, Target, Pilgrim, Ernest.

  • HG Pennington & Son

    HG Pennington & Son


    Goldings, Jester, Bramling Cross.

  • RB Phillips

    RB Phillips

    The Phillips family have been growing hops in Herefordshire since they moved to the area in 1850. Richard farms the land at Lower Eggleton Court and Tarrington in Herefordshire with his wife Lucy and their two sons Bertie and Sam, Lucy is also from long established hop growing family. After leaving school Bertie worked in the Charles Faram office for a season and this gave him a good overview of what happens to the hops after they leave the farm. Both brothers are now studying hard and helping out on the farm when they can, carrying on the strong family tradition of hop growing into the sixth generation!


    Goldings, Bramling Cross, Pilgrim, Jester.

  • JM Probert & Sons

    JM Probert & Sons


    Goldings, Progress, Bramling Cross.

  • C & R Pudge

    C & R Pudge


    First Gold, Sovereign, Endeavour, Faram Fuggle.

  • Pridewood Farm

    Pridewood Farm

    GW & EA Powell-Tuck



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