A hoppy hootenanny of a pale ale

Glass of Fandango! Glass of Fandango!

Clean & crisp with floral notes

Glass of 1985 Glass of 1985

The king of pale ales!

Glass of HPA Beer pump HPA pump clip

The superior name in premium real ale

Glass of Butty Bach Beer pump Butty Bach pump clip

The Soaring Summit of Hoppiness

Glass of Hopfather Beer pump Hopfather pump clip

The wise choice of classic real ale

Glass of Wye Valley Bitter Beer pump Wye Valley Bitter pump clip

The smoothest, silkiest of stouts

Glass of Wholesome stout Glass of Wholesome stout
Glass of Fandango!
  • light
  • refreshing
Glass of 1985
  • cool
  • crisp
Glass of HPA
  • Floral
  • Citrus
Glass of Butty Bach
  • Sweet
  • Smooth
Glass of Hopfather
  • hoppy
  • tropical
Glass of Wye Valley Bitter
  • malty
  • balanced
Glass of Wholesome stout
  • dark
  • indulgent
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We are Wye Valley Brewery... Award-winning, family-owned British brewery of original craft beers.   Since 1985 we've been producing the very best cask, keg and bottle beers, using the finest ingredients, including locally-grown hops.   We are also a staunch supporter of the Great British pub, where our beers can be enjoyed in the company of friends. 


Our Blueprint For Brewing Beautiful Beers

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