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Here at Wye Valley Brewery, we know how lucky we are to be situated in the heart of Herefordshire - home to the best varieties of British hops, it also happens to be a rather beautiful part of the country! Because we care about our environment and the community we work in, it is extremely important to us that we support our local farmers. It is with immense pride therefore, that over half of our hops and raw ingredients come directly from farms within 10 miles of the brewery.

Of course, buying local not only helps to support the rural community, but also keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum, just one of many ‘green’ boasts we can make claim to... Over the last decade we have been able to update our Brewhouse and the way the brewery as a whole sources and uses energy.


Very few other breweries can match us when it comes to sustainability. Here, being green isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s part and parcel of our commitment to brewing beautiful beers, caring for our local community and looking after the land so that it remains beautiful for generations to come.

  • Investment in Innovation

    Installation of an innovative ‘thermal fluid’ wort-boiling system that could be located next to the copper - a world first for the application of this system in the brewing industry. The new system is also very quick to start-up and close-down, so can be turned off in-between brews.

  • Localised Heating

    Moving from a centralised steam boiler to smaller individual heaters that could be locally installed near to the cask-washing, wort and bottling areas of the Brewhouse.

  • Not a Pipe Dream

    Removal of over 400 metres of old steam pipes – which was the cause of significant heat loss.

  • Cooking on Gas

    Switching from oil to gas meant that we now produce fewer emissions and ensures we have a more energy efficient system.

  • Ingenious use of Water

    Water vapour created during the brewhouse boil is recovered and used to heat water to clean our casks… So, put simply, our empty casks get a nice hot wash with water that would have otherwise disappeared into the atmosphere! Clever, hey?

  • Renewable Energy

    Roof and ground-mounted solar panels covering the equivalent of more than six tennis courts, providing over 41% of the brewery’s total electricity.

  • The Farming Community

    Spent grain and hops are shared with local farmers to use for animal feed and compost; while excess yeast is offered to our farming neighbours for pig feed!

  • Keeping Things Local

    Over 80% of all our hops are from local farms and we deliver the vast majority of our beers within a 70 mile radius, helping keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

  • Cask Again

    Approximately 90% of our beer is sold in casks or kegs, which are recycled over and over again. In fact, we are still using some of our original casks from when we first started in 1985!


Immerse yourself into the Wye Valley Brewery experience. We’ll give you a guided tour of our brewhouse and show you our special brewing process. Obviously after seeing how our award-winning real ales are created, you’ll be able to taste them. You’ll have a special guide throughout the day who will offer first cask service throughout your visit.

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The dream shop for all Wye Valley Brewery lovers. We’ve got everything you can imagine in one place. The brewery shop stocks our full range of beers. If you’re not content with just drinking your favourite ale, we also have Wye Valley Brewery branded clothing and gifts so you can really show your love.

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