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Our Amazing Brewhouse

Here at Wye Valley Brewery, we know how lucky we are to be situated in the heart of Herefordshire - home to the best varieties of British hops, it also happens to be a rather beautiful part of the country!

Because we care about our environment and the community we work in, it is extremely important to us that we support our local farmers. It is with immense pride therefore, that over 80% of our hops and raw ingredients come directly from farms within 10 miles of the brewery.

Of course, buying local not only helps to support the rural community, but also keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum, just one of many ‘green’ boasts we can make claim to...

Over the last decade we have been able to update our Brewhouse and the way the brewery as a whole sources and uses energy, which recently led to us winning ‘Best Green Business’ at the SIBA Business Awards.

Wye Valley Brewery Warehouse Development Project – Expressions of Interest Wanted

Wye Valley Brewery are seeking expressions of interest from main contractors to construct the brewery’s new warehouse and production facility at their Stoke Lacy Site in Herefordshire.

The new building will extend to approximately 800 sq.m and will integrate the cask washing and cask filling areas with cask and bottle storage on a level site. Externally, a new service yard will be created alongside the existing access road into the site.
The levels around the building will be re-profiled to accommodate new loading bays and access points into the building.

The planning drawings are available on the Herefordshire Council website via the this link -

The construction value is estimated to be £750,000 and the anticipated programme is:

• Deadline for submission of expressions of Interest - 10 November 2017
• Issue Invitations to Tender - 20 November 2017
• Mid tender briefing - 1 December 2017
• Tender returns - 15 December 2017
• Planning consent - 16 December 2017
• Sign contract (with chosen contractor) - Mid January 2018
• Commencement of works - Mid February 2018
• Completion - Early summer 2018

All tenders will be evaluated on a cost v quality basis. The weighting will be 30% quality | 70% costs. Further details on the weightings and evaluation mechanism will be advised in the invitation to tender.

If you would like to discuss the project or express an interest in tendering for the project then please contact Julian Record at Record Associates Property and Construction Consultants – | 01743 816 910.

Our ‘Mean, Green Brewing Machine’

We are committed to brewing beautiful beers, caring for our local community and looking after the land so that it remains beautiful for generations to come

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  • How We Brew Step 1

    How We Brew

    Step 1: The Finest Local Ingredients

    Over 80% of our hops are from local farms; we only use premium quality Maris Otter malted barley and, of course, our own special yeast.

  • How We Brew Step 2

    How We Brew

    Step 2: Mashing In

    Mixing together the hot liquor (water) and milled malted barley, the mash then stands for an hour to convert the starch into fermentable sugars. The sweet sugary solution, known as wort (pronounced ‘wert’), is then run-off to the Copper. The spent grain left in the mash tun is shared between our local farmers, who feed it to their cattle…. It’s so good to know we’re contributing to the quality of Herefordshire beef!

  • How We Brew Step 3

    How We Brew

    Step 3: Boiling the Wort

    The wort is boiled when the first batch of hops are added for bitterness. As a brewery we are committed to traditional brewing methods using whole hop flowers.

  • How We Brew Step 4

    How We Brew

    Step 4: The Hop Back

    Hops are immersed in hot wort to release the flavours and aromas that are unique in each of our beers. The spent hops are then removed and composted on local farms.

  • How We Brew Step 5

    How We Brew

    Step 5: Fermentation

    Fermenting takes around three days after which the yeast head is skimmed. The beer is then cooled and conditioned for a further four days, and the spent yeast is given to local farmers to feed their pigs.

  • How We Brew Step 6

    How We Brew

    Step 6: Quality Control

    Every batch of beer is given the Wye Valley Brewery seal of approval after rigorous quality checks made by our Head Brewer, Gareth.

  • How We Brew Step 7

    How We Brew

    Step 7: Packed & Ready to Go

    The finished product is then poured into cask or bottle, ready to be enjoyed!

Brewery Tours

Immerse yourself into the Wye Valley Brewery experience. We’ll give you a guided tour of our brewhouse and show you our special brewing process. Obviously after seeing how our award-winning real ales are created, you’ll be able to taste them. You’ll have a special guide throughout the day who will offer first cask service throughout your visit.

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Brewery Shop

The dream shop for all Wye Valley Brewery lovers. We’ve got everything you can imagine in one place. The brewery shop stocks our full range of beers and monthly specials. If you’re not content with just drinking your favourite ale, we also have Wye Valley Brewery branded clothing and gifts so you can really show your love.

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If you are visiting the brewery or brewery shop, we’re easy to find on the A465 between Hereford and Bromyard in Stoke Lacy.

If you are driving, we are about 30 minutes from Worcester, or 20 minutes from Hereford.

You can also get to the brewery by bus – the number 420 Hereford-to-Worcester bus passes right outside our front door!

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