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There are few finer things than enjoying a pint down your local. Whether it’s a pale ale, balanced bitter, smooth dark stout or refreshing lager, supping on a beer whilst taking in that pub atmosphere is a unique and brilliant part of British culture.

And we’re always asked what actually goes into making our beers. That's probably why our brewery tours are so popular - well, that and the open bar, of course! (To all those eagerly waiting, we'll hopefully have an update on the return of our tours soon.)

So, here's a celebration of the pub, brewing and farming industries, and their intrinsic links...

Skillfully brewed with high quality ingredients, devotedly stored and dispensed by the landlord, appreciatively poured from those iconic hand pumps on the bar… This is the story of a Wye Valley Brewery pint, from hop farm to first sip (in one of our fabulous pint glasses!).

Thanks for watching! 

Team WVB

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