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Cast your minds back 3 years… Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, Britain voted to leave the European Union, and Wye Valley Brewery, after more than 30 years, unveiled a new look.

Whilst our core range of beers remained popular, back in 2016 we had ambitions to embrace the new craft trend with innovative new beers of our own, and felt the brewery's corporate image was in need of an update. 

The Big Rebrand

The starting point for this was designing a new logo that would be timeless, yet contemporary. The Wye Valley Brewery stamp manages to incorporate our heritage, our reputation for consistent beer quality, and our love of hops!

Following this we reviewed our product branding. Of our 5 core cask products, 2 featured ‘Dorothy Goodbody’. The challenge therefore was to create a unity through design, yet ‘stay true’ to products, ensuring each kept its own ‘personality’...

As we unveiled our new-look logo and core range product branding, we then turned our attention to our monthly specials.  By retiring Dorothy Goodbody to our bottle products, it has given us much more freedom to be creative. This not only applies to the names and designs, but it's allowed our brewers to have bundles of fun with the beer recipes!

And all of this was done at the same time as launching our first ever lager, 1985… It's fair to say the rebrand was - and continues to be - a huge success!


To reflect the bold and experimental side of our business, which now includes limited-edition keg beers, an expanding clothing and merch range, and new festivals and events, we wanted a fresher identity that's separate to our core branding but that clearly complements it.

So we are introducing a less-formal version of the WVB logo – a logo that is 'bolder', less intricate in style, and simply screams the c-word ('craft' that is) whilst maintaining key aspects of the corporate logo. Check it out!

Over the coming months you’ll start to see this alternative logo rockin’ out at festivals; it’ll be stylishly gracing new merch items; and, fast-forward to 2020, this will be the new identity of our limited-edition keg and bottle products… And, who knows, maybe further into the future it’ll be sitting on the side of a craft can or two ;-)

In the meantime, we've already started work on our clothing range, which you can browse here. And make sure to keep up-to-date on all the latest brewery news on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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