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Bars in pubs, clubs, restaurants and other venues have been asked to close due to the Coronavirus situation. Here is some useful guidance from Cask Marque to ensure your draught dispense systems, and bar and cellar equipment are kept in optimum condition during the period of closure. 


1. Clean all cask and keg lines as per your usual procedure.

2. Do not leave water in any beer line: empty the lines of water by blowing keg lines and pulling water through until air on cask lines. Alternatively, fill the lines with a beer-line protector such as Proton Guardian.

3. All couplers should be sanitised and attached to the ring main sockets.

4. Remove hop filters from cask lines, and hang the lines off the floor.

5. Clean all cask equipment (taps, hop filters, extractor rods, auto tilts, dipsticks) in sanitiser and leave to air dry.

6. Turn gas cylinders off at individual valves, cleaning gas valve and main supply.

7. Turn remote coolers off at the plug.

8. If you still have unbroached kegs in the cellar we recommend keeping the cooling fans switched on to preserve the life of the stock. Otherwise, turn cooling fans off. Return any unused in-date stock to your supplier.

9. Deep clean the cellar walls, floors, and sumps with sanitiser.

10. Ensure all empty casks are corked and stored in a secure area.

11.  Ensure all glassware is clean and stored on ventilated matting.

12. Drain glasswasher, clean all filters and inner surfaces, switch off and leave door open.

13. Empty ice machine, sanitise inner surfaces, switch off, and leave hatch door open.

14. Remove sparklers and nozzles from spouts, clean in hot water and leave to air dry.

15. Remove stock from bottle coolers and optic rails. Switch off fridges and leave open.

16. Finally carry out regular checks in the cellar for pests, damp and ventilation


If you have any questions or concerns, please call 01885 490505 or email [email protected].

Kindest Regards,


Team WVB

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