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If you're looking for a gift for the real-ale lover in your life, you've come to the right place (even if the real-ale lover in your life is you!). We've gift ideas to suit all pockets and tastes.

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Wye Valley Brewery torch, key ring and bottle opener

Wye Valley Brewery pin badgeThis really is the Swiss Army Knife of Wye Valley Brewery memorabilia. OK, it doesn't feature a knife or that thing for getting stones out of horses hooves, but in our view the clever combination of über bright LED torch, handy key ring and rugged bottle opener is far more useful!

£5 including P+P

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MugNEW! Dorothy Goodbody's 2014 calendar

Get organised in the year ahead at the same time as getting the low-down on each of our mouthwatering monthly ales with the help of Dorothy Goodbody's new calendar.

Measuring 34cm x 23cm, each page features notes about that month's ale by one of our brewers, and highlights key events including some of our region's beer and food festivals.

£4.00 including P+P

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MugNEW! Wye Valley Brewery mug

We may be brewers of awesome ales, but we can also appreciate the finer points of other forms of brewing – especially when it comes to brewing our morning cuppa! Share our love of the perfect brew with this stylish ceramic mug, which features our brewery logo on one side and the Wye's Words "Fancy a brew..?" on the other.

£4.00 each

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Tea towelNEW! Wye Valley Brewery tea towel

No. 4 in our series of Wye's Words states that you should "Only pour beer into a glass clean and clear". When you consider all the time and effort we've put in to make our ales second to none, you wouldn't want to fall at the last hurdle by serving them in a less-than-gleaming pint glass!

Fortunately, by special order of the management anddirectors of Wye Valley Brewery, we grantyou privileged permission to purchase one of our officially licensed, professional-quality pint glass polishing cloths.

Measuring a very capable 48cm x 78 cm, this natty number can also perform all the duties that less prestigious tea towels get asked to do.

£2.50 including P+P

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Playing cardsNEW! Wye Valley Brewery playing cards

We reckon there's nothing better than enjoying a perfect pint and good company in the surroundings of a proper pub.
Throw in some traditional games to bring out our competitive nature, and we're all set for an evening of fun and banter.
If you share our love of these things, grab yourself a pint and a pack of our playing cards, and we're set for a great night...

£6.25 including P+P

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Water bottleNEW! Wye Valley Brewery sports water bottle

It's not a good idea to get dehydrated as you cycle, jog, row, windsurf, power walk, pogo or rollerblade your way to the pub. So that you can quench your thirst when en route, our silver sports water bottle is the thing to carry with you. It holds 500ml of your favourite sport-friendly drink – and thanks to its ergonomic design, it fits as comfortably in your hand as it does in your bicycle's bottle cage.

£4.15 including P+P

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Wye's Words posterWye's Words posters

Our new adverts, which have been adorning the back covers and pages of many a beer-related publication in the region, attracted a Highly Commended accolade in the Best Marketing category at the SIBA Brewing Business Awards 2011. Such has been the response to our new ads that we've now made a number of them into collectible A3 posters.

No. 17 : One good round deserves another
No. 19 : Great minds drink alike
No. 47 : All work and no HPA makes Jack a dull boy
No. 12 : Pint of Butty at night, drinker's delight
No. 37 : Home is where the party is

£3.55 each including P+P

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Wye Valley Brewery pen

It's smart and stylish, modern yet timeles... yes, we could be talking about one of our bottled ales, but on this occasion we're referring to our rather lovely new pens. These quality ballpoint pens come with black ink and Wye Valley Brewery branding on the barrel, and come in a nice presentation case.

Ballpoint pen

£3.49 including P+P

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Wye Valley Brewery pin badgeWye Valley Brewery pin badge

Barack Obama wears one, David Cameron wears one, so why aren't you wearing one?! Yes, pin badges are a modern-classic accessory. And if they're good enough for presidents and prime ministers, we reckon they're even good enough for discerning fans of our brewery, so we commissioned our very own. It's a high quality little number, and is a suitably subtle 25mm wide by 10mm high.

£1.94 including P+P

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Wye Valley Brewery pint glassWye Valley Brewery pint glass

As seen in the hands of Herefordshire's most discerning drinkers, the Wye Valley Brewery pint glass is our preferred vessel when it comes to savouring a pint of the good stuff. Not that we've anything against glasses with handles or those with the funny bulge near the top, but the clean lines of this little number really do look the part when you've a freshly pulled or poured pint.


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Wye Valley Brewery ceramic jugWye Valley Brewery jug

Hand-thrown by the skilled and lovely folk at Wenlock Pottery, our 1.5-pint and 3-pint and new 8-pint ceramic jugs are a fine and traditional way to serve beer to your friends. They also make a rather fine addition to any shelf or sideboard.

£10.20 1.5 pint   
3 pint   
£41 8 pint

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Wye Valley Brewery ceramic tankardWye Valley Brewery tankard

Our friends at the pottery in Much Wenlock have been busy once again, this time producing an impressive tankard which can take just over a pint.

£10.20 1 pint

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Wye Valley Brewery bar towelWye Valley Brewery bar towel

You don't have to be a dribbler of pints to make use of a Wye Valley Brewery bar towel. As well as an essential part of any bar, our bar towesl have also been known to come in very handy in the kitchen, on the golf course, on the tennis court and, well, the list is endless! It seems this is the most versatile bar towel bar none.

£1.93 including P+P

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Wye Valley Brewery key ringWye Valley Brewery key ring

So many key rings seem to be made of plastic or that funny faux leather stuff these days. Ours is refreshingly different. It's built to last from metal, and features the Wye Valley Brewery logo etched neatly into it.

£3.04 including P+P

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Wye Valley Brewery bottle opener 2011 versionWye Valley Brewery bottle opener

Small and sturdy, the Wye Valley bottle opener is a truly neat little number, and is perfect for popping open a bottle of our brilliant beer when you're out on a picnic.

£2.99 including P+P

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Wye Valley posterWye Valley poster

Featuring the classic view of the Wye Valley from Symonds Yat, the image on this beautiful A3-sized poster was commissioned by Wye Valley Brewery over 10 years ago. For many years, the image appeared on our bottle labels and is now a much-loved part of our heritage.

£3.55 including P+P

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Dorothy Goodbody posterDorothy Goodbody 'Always Perfection' poster

Life as the pretty daughter of a Herefordshire hop grower can be a hard one. Up at all hours, tending the hop bines to ensure that the coming crop will be a winner is a lot to ask of a lass. Fortunately, Dorothy's dad lets her have the occasional day off, and there's nothing our girl likes to do more with her spare time than hit the beach.

This fun A3-sized poster captures the moment of Dorothy enjoying some down time somewhere sunny and sandy. Dorothy says that whatever the season, like the ales that bear her name, a day at the seaside is always perfection.

£3.55 including P+P

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