Step 1: Ingredients Step 2: Mashing in Step 3: Add the hops Step 4: Pitching the yeast Step 5: Fermentation Step 6: Cask conditioning Step 7: Enjoy

Brewing cask-conditioned ale 

As brewers, the question people ask us more than any other is "How do you make beer, then?".

Put simply, brewing is an honest and uncomplicated process that can be understood in minutes – but perfected only with years of practice, passion and perseverence.

In recent times, real ale has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and microbreweries have sprung up all over the place. We celebrate this and welcome the competition. It keeps us on our toes and motivates us to work even harder to ensure our brewery, our brewing process and, of course, our beers are of the highest possible standard.

The seven essential steps

For those keen to get to grips with the basics of brewing, our head brewer, Jimmy Swan, explains the seven essential steps of our time-honoured process via the guided tour opposite...